From This Day Forward – Seek God Together – 08.23.23
Courtney   -  

Pastor Brian and Bethany Cooper talked about “From This Day Forward – Day 2 – Seek God” marriage devotional, ice breakers for couples, their takeaways, etc. But they also talked about not leaning into culture’s idea of finding “the one” but leaning into God as the One and becoming whole individuals so we can be a healthy whole couple.

Some other points of conversation: it’s okay to need time by yourself, history of marriage (biblically), honoring God, identity in Christ (not trying to get our identity from our spouse, jobs, etc.).

If you’d like to connect with us in-person or when we go LIVE on our Kemp Facebook page for the married couples group join us on Wednesday evenings 7PM – 7:30PM EST – Kemp Church on Facebook known as @TiptonKemp