From This Day Forward – Never Give Up 10.04.23 – Married Couple Connect
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Pastor Brian and Bethany Cooper talked about “From This Day Forward” marriage devotional, ice breakers for couples, their takeaways, etc. They also talked about:

Let God love THROUGH you and NEVER give up.

Own up to your mistakes… what does this look like and sound like from both of our perspectives?

Do you need to invite God into your marriage tonight… into any mess or struggle that’s there? Do you need to ask God to help you keep the vows you made to your spouse and to Him?

The emotion of anger and ways to process anger in a healthy way.


If you’d like to connect with us in-person or when we go LIVE on our Kemp Facebook page for the married couples group join us on Wednesday evenings 7PM – 7:30PM EST – Kemp Church on Facebook known as @TiptonKemp